Further Reading

These sites have been invaluable to me in my bourbon knowledge quest. Please visit them for a deeper dive into this great spirit!

Straight Bourbon Forums – Simply the best whiskey-related forum on the web.

Bourbon Enthusiast – Mike Veach’s deep dive into bourbon history and knowledge.

Pre-pro.com – The place to go for pre-prohibition information.

Whiskey Bent – Pre-Pro, Prohibition Era, and Miniatures. Everything we’re not good at!

L.A. Whisk(e)y Society – Excellent tasting notes by people who really know their stuff.

Sku’s Recent Eats – A great blog covering mostly whiskey but also food.

Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information – Determining the age of very old bottles via markings.

The Chuck Cowdery Blog – Useful insights from a veteran of the industry.

The Coopered Tot – Joshua Gershon Feldman digs deep on whatever topic he broaches.

Smoky Beast – Weekly reviews of bourbon, rye, and Scotch.

Sour Mash Manifesto – Jason Pyle gives honest, straightforward reviews of whiskeys in all price ranges.

Bourbon Truth – The always amusing and usually correct stream-of-consciousness rants of a whiskey lover.

Fred Minnick Blog – Fred is a published whiskey writer and historian with the inside scoop.

Sipp’n Corn – “Blogging about bourbon as told through the rich history of American lawsuits” – very interesting!

ellenjaye.com – Lots of good info on Maryland rye and shuttered Kentucky Distilleries, among other topics.

More links coming…