Submit Your Photos

I LOVE getting photos from users!


Here are my basic tips:

1. Photos with a plain, light colored background are best, without using flash. Sunlight is best if possible.

2. Ideally, I like front and back views of the whole bottle, close-ups of front and back labels, and anything else distinct or that assists in dating the bottle (tax strips, bottle dates, etc.)

3. I’ll crop and make adjustments on my side, so you don’t need to do that. Feel free to just send the big files.

4. Please provide the year of the bottle if at all possible, since that’s the purpose of the site! Also provide anything other information that would be useful to users.

5.  Bottles should fall in the general theme of the site, or they won’t be posted. Vintage/dusty and collectible bourbon and rye are the general themes. The one exception is that I’d like to avoid the non-vintage Maker’s Mark bottles, for which there is already another site.

6. If you’d like credit for the photos on the site, please let me know in the email and I’m happy to post it.

You can email photos directly to:


Thanks for contributing!